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“Brian’s Winter” is an incredible book about a young boy named Brian (protagonist) who is forced to stay alone in the wilderness through the winter after he is in a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness. This book is a companion book to “Hatchet” and the plot is “what would happen if Brian had not been rescued by the plane in "Hatchet” Brian has nothing to help him survive except the few items he happened to have with him when the plane crashed. He had a jacket, a shirt, a hatchet his mom had given to him, and a survival kit he had retrieved from the plane. He has already survived through the summer but now that the winter is setting in he must prepare quickly. He waterproofs his shelter and makes various different types of warm clothing for the winter. Brian has to fight nature and himself (antagonists) throughout this intense book. He is forced to adapt the harsh climates. He makes snow shoes which allow him to walk in the waist deep snow so he can hunt for food to stay alive. After he catches a deer and a moose he is able to live off the meat for a few months and he uses every inch of the animal to good use. The fur is used for his clothes to keep him warm and the meat is used as food. His food diversity is greatly lowered due to the ice freezing his fishing lake and the snow making the other small game practically invisible. In the end Brian finds that just a few hundred meters from him a Native-American family is living there to and they get supplies from an airplane that comes there every month. Brian gets a ride on the plane back home and meets his family and friends.

Gary Paulsen