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Ten Relevant Facts

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Ten Relevant Facts
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10 Relevant Facts


1. (Hatchet facts) Brian is stranded in the Canadian wilderness when the small Cessna that he is being transported to his father in crashes. The reason for the crash is the pilot suffered a heart attack in mid-flight.


2. (Hatchet facts) Brain is left with only what he had on the flight and the survival pack he got from the crashed plane. He just barely survives through the summer.


3. Brian notices one day that the weather is changing and he prepares for the worst. All he knows that he is in the far north  so he waterproofs his shelter and makes everything as  ready for the winter as possible.


4. When the winter comes it comes down hard and heavy. About 3ft of snow and ice comes during a one day storm. He has to find a way to get out and go through the snow in order to hunt.


5. He made snow shoes out of bent wood and leather strips. For hunting Brian uses a very strong large bow he made for hunting large game. He also has modified arrows he made in order to take down the large game (large bow=large arrow)


6. He is very successful on his first hunt; he sees a large moose (cow, young moose) and he takes a shot. The cow charges at him but he has just enough time to take out his lance and the cow comes on top of him but the lance kills the cow. He is knocked unconscious due to the cows blow and he wakes up with aches and pains but he has the cow meat.  


7. Brian carefully but quickly skins the cow so that he can take it to his shelter before the other animals gets it. The cow is over 400lb so he has to cut is up into sections to be able to take it back with out breaking his back.


8. Brian has one or two more kills like this and he is fully supplied with food for the winter. Brian makes sure that the meat is packed under the ice to preserve it for the remainder of the winter. He also uses the fur and hide for straps, vests, pants, etc…


9. One day while Brian is in his shelter he hears two loud bangs and he decides that he will investigate in the morning. The next morning he gets up changes into his gear and goes toward where he thought he heard the bangs. He notices a smoothe straight track in the snow and from his prior experience he knows that there are very few straight lines in nature. He decides to follow the track and he ends up finding a small cottage and the owner welcomes him in. Brian is awestruck; he could not believe there were other people so close to him. The owner of the cottage was part of a Small horn family and he invites Brian to come in and have dinner. Over dinner Brain explained what happened to him and discussed the wilderness with the Small horns.


10. That night he is told that there will be a plane coming with supplies and he can take the plane back to the United States. Brian takes everything he could from his shelter and gives the remaining meat to the Small horns. He meets his family and friends in the U.S. Brian’s family and friends cannot believe he is alive. Brian is in the media for several months and finally it stops. He really misses the wilderness even though he has his family with him.